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The concept of spa started with hydrotherapy , whereby water was used in contrasting temperature to cure and heal people , mineral water , hot springs were used , a town in Belgium was called Spa where these therapy’s were extensively used , Roman baths , etc The concept which started in Europe got flourished in Asian countries , right now India and other Asian countries are the hub of spa therapies We in Ayur thai Spa strive hard to maintain the same standard and further enhance the rich tradition of this ever growing industry
The concept of spa therapy has come a long way , The term Spa comes from the name of a town in Belgium , these dates back to the Roman age during those days it was known as Aqua spadania, since the time of roman, Egyptian , Babylonian native Americans , Greeks and Romans the concept of purification of your physical and spiritual self by bathing and drinking the mineral rich spring water of varied temperature has been existing Even today the Hindus, Muslims , Christians , Jews do submit to the health benefits of holy waters It all started during the prehistoric times when Spa was termed as a location or a place where mineral rich spring water was used to give health benefits to people. The international association of Spa has redefined the spa as a place devoted to the overall well-being of an individual through wide range of professional services which encourages the renewal and revival of mind , body and soul