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Ayur Thai spa now operational at Safdarjung enclave provides u with all kinds of body massages on par with the international standard, the therapist are well qualified and technically equipped to handle all kinds of clients Welcome to one of the best spa in south Delhi
At Ayur thai Spa we use 2 blends of oils the healing oil which actually is s blend of olive with eucalyptus and camphor , extremely good for vata Prakriti people , it increases the warmth in the body thus relieving aches and pains , mobilises the stagnant dishes in the body into the channels The other oil is the relaxing massage oil which is the blend of olive with firangipani Ideally good for de stressing , mood elevations , relaxing the tender pain points in the body Experience these unique benefits of oil only at Ayur thai Spa currently operational in GK1 and Safdarjung enclave
Therapeutic skin and body therapies are an essential part of overall health, developed in coordination with our panel of health and wellness experts , our body massages, body polishes , body wraps, facials and Ayurvedic therapies are destined to provide u with an ultimate experience You have waited long enough to restore the natural balance in your body, help us to lead u into this journey if u r an avid spa goer or if u have never experienced a spa therapy our intuitive therapist will leave you feeling relaxed and cleansed If being deliciously pampered is high on your list then book a spa therapy with us You will love your experience at Ayur this spa now operational in GK 1 , M block market and B6 Market at Safdarjung enclave