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The world health organisation estimates that by 2020 stress related health disorders like anxiety and depression will be highly prevalent and second to the ischemic heart disease Massages along with other integerated alternative therapies like yoga and meditation goes a long way in alleviating the stress levels As a human we are in 2 states Fight or flight state and rest and digest state The flight and flight state increases the level of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. Prolonged exposure of these hormones effects our immune system , triggers various health problems like headache, anxiety , depression , heart disease and weight gain In today’s world due to the prolonged stressors in front of our mind we as a human are more often in this state of fight or flight , we need to come out of it and be in the state of rest and digest Just imagine yourself in a spa , lying on a massage bed , still with someone stretching your body , working on those tight stiff muscles , releasing those tensions and getting u into a state of relaxation for 1 hour or 90 minutes or so Thus putting whole your system back into tracks and allowing your body to escape from the fight or flight state
Spa is an ideal place to relax but apart from this a spa therapy has amazing health benefits which goes a long way in maintaining the well-being of a person Apart from the feeling of getting pampered and comforted by the warm hands of the therapist it also helps to remove excess toxins from the system thus improving the overall functions of vital organs like liver and kidney, The oil used during the Massage lubricates and nourishes the largest organ of your body (skin) , ideally its recommended to take a steam after the Massage coz the Steam again is one of the most detoxifying spa regimen