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We are offering wide range of spa therapies like body massages, body polishes, body wraps , facials and Ayurvedic therapies etc , Different types of body massages are provided in the spa like Swedish , Balinese , aroma relaxing , Thai dry , Thai oil and Lomi lomi massage The therapist are well qualified and experienced in all the modules of spa therapies
At Ayur thai Spa we use 2 blends of oils the healing oil which actually is s blend of olive with eucalyptus and camphor , extremely good for vata Prakriti people , it increases the warmth in the body thus relieving aches and pains , mobilises the stagnant dishes in the body into the channels The other oil is the relaxing massage oil which is the blend of olive with firangipani Ideally good for de stressing , mood elevations , relaxing the tender pain points in the body Experience these unique benefits of oil only at Ayur thai Spa currently operational in GK1 and Safdarjung enclave
The concept of spa started with hydrotherapy , whereby water was used in contrasting temperature to cure and heal people , mineral water , hot springs were used , a town in Belgium was called Spa where these therapy’s were extensively used , Roman baths , etc The concept which started in Europe got flourished in Asian countries , right now India and other Asian countries are the hub of spa therapies We in Ayur thai Spa strive hard to maintain the same standard and further enhance the rich tradition of this ever growing industry
Body massages are available in every nook and corner of delhi today , taking a massage in a true so environment is a experience in itself , the concept of spa is healing the body , relaxing the mind and at the same time nourishing your soul , the spa provides u with a altogether different atmosphere in which u can relish these holistic experience At Ayur thai Spa we provide u with the same Savour this moments only at Ayur thai Spa
When we go to Spa to take a body massage , ideally a client should have a choice of the therapist coz it’s very important that a client should know from whom he is going to get his massage done , when he sees his masseur and selects the one whom he prefers there is a confidence which is built inside him and that makes the session more relaxing and comfortable for the clients At Ayur thai Spa we do follow this as an sop to allow the clients to have a look at the therapist before the therapy
A session of body massage should be rejuvenating and at the same time relaxing for the clients , a fruitful session depends on many factors like the products used during the massage , the aroma emanating out from the diffuser , the calming lights the tranqulizing music , the rhythm of the Therspist , the warmth of their hands and above all the technique of the massage At Ayur thai Spa all these minute details are taken care of
Ayur Thai spa now operational at Safdarjung enclave provides u with all kinds of body massages on par with the international standard, the therapist are well qualified and technically equipped to handle all kinds of clients Welcome to one of the best spa in south Delhi
Swedish massage is the basic oil massage , it’s a full body massage where the therapist uses medium pressure , it’s the basic oil massage foot for first timers , one of the major benefit of Swedish massage is that it relieves muscular soreness and is ideally suitable for acute pain Experience this massage at Ayur thai Spa
One of the Best Spa in terms of Ambience , Decor , Hygiene and cleanliness , the Spa has rooms named as Harmony , Eternity , Moksha and bliss The Only Spa in Safdarjung enclave which is of International standard