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The world health organisation estimates that by 2020 stress related health disorders like anxiety and depression will be highly prevalent and second to the ischemic heart disease Massages along with other integerated alternative therapies like yoga and meditation goes a long way in alleviating the stress levels As a human we are in 2 states Fight or flight state and rest and digest state The flight and flight state increases the level of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. Prolonged exposure of these hormones effects our immune system , triggers various health problems like headache, anxiety , depression , heart disease and weight gain In today’s world due to the prolonged stressors in front of our mind we as a human are more often in this state of fight or flight , we need to come out of it and be in the state of rest and digest Just imagine yourself in a spa , lying on a massage bed , still with someone stretching your body , working on those tight stiff muscles , releasing those tensions and getting u into a state of relaxation for 1 hour or 90 minutes or so Thus putting whole your system back into tracks and allowing your body to escape from the fight or flight state

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After a workout in the Gym the muscles get sore , taking a massage after the gym or while taking gym goes a long way in reducing this muscle soreness and getting them working at their optimum again It is highly recommended for regular gym goers to take a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage atleast once in a fortnight A good massage goes a long way in strengthening the myofibrils , breaking the adhesions between the muscle fibres and thus diffusing the muscular knots or the hypertonic muscle fibres It improves the contraction and relaxation of the muscles which in turn improves the flexibility and mobility of joints It nourishes the muscle thus helping to increase its volume and at the same time detoxifies the muscle by flushing out excess toxins or lactic acid trapped in the intramuscular space A regular oil massage also prevents gym related health mishaps like slip disc , ligament sprain , joint injury etc So do visit a spa atleast once in a fortnight if you regularly hit the gym

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We all wish to have a pain free life , it’s amazing that small movements in our body like even waving your hands involve so many motions and joints , as our age progresses there are different kinds of problems we encounter in our joints , bones , muscles and nerves , these problems range from a normal fatigue, muscular spasm , sprain , muscle pull to anything , a therapeutic body massage goes a long way in preventing this disorders Give yourself the much needed me time to recuperate , rejuvenate and revive yourself to face another day W

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Spa is an ideal place to relax but apart from this a spa therapy has amazing health benefits which goes a long way in maintaining the well-being of a person Apart from the feeling of getting pampered and comforted by the warm hands of the therapist it also helps to remove excess toxins from the system thus improving the overall functions of vital organs like liver and kidney, The oil used during the Massage lubricates and nourishes the largest organ of your body (skin) , ideally its recommended to take a steam after the Massage coz the Steam again is one of the most detoxifying spa regimen

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Taking a steam after an oil massage goes a long way in promoting the general well being of a person The steam dilates the pores in the body , increases the peripheral blood circulation , improves the metabolic rate thus helping in the quick absorption of oil into the body. At ayur thai Spa we provide u with a spa package of Rs 1600 in that u can avail any body massage for 1 hour followed by steam and shower At Ayur thai Spa we have all spa rooms equipped with steam so that a client after the massage can experience these benefits

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If u think about a Spa , u contemplate a place which cuts u off entirely from the outside world for a period of time , immerses u into a world of pure relaxation with soul searching aromas , soothing lights, trance music taking u into a new depth of self consciousness , providing u r body that ‘me’ time to revive , rejuvenate and ultimately getting energised to face the life again with new vigour and vitality Relive this pure moments only at Ayur Thai Spa

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The concept of spa therapy has come a long way , The term Spa comes from the name of a town in Belgium , these dates back to the Roman age during those days it was known as Aqua spadania, since the time of roman, Egyptian , Babylonian native Americans , Greeks and Romans the concept of purification of your physical and spiritual self by bathing and drinking the mineral rich spring water of varied temperature has been existing Even today the Hindus, Muslims , Christians , Jews do submit to the health benefits of holy waters It all started during the prehistoric times when Spa was termed as a location or a place where mineral rich spring water was used to give health benefits to people. The international association of Spa has redefined the spa as a place devoted to the overall well-being of an individual through wide range of professional services which encourages the renewal and revival of mind , body and soul

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Body Polish is the most undermined therapy in Spa , ideally its recommended to take a scrub before taking body massage , A Polish or a Scub goes a long way in exfoliating the Dead cells from the skin, removing the dirt , grime thus dilating the pores , and also improving the blood circulation , when we do the Body Massage after the cumulative effect of the Scrub helps the oil to penetrate and work better on the body Avail this rejuvenating session of Body Polish along with Body Massage only at Ayur Thai Spa

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Happy independence to all our fellow patrons Ayur thai Spa provides you all kinds of Spa Therapies which in true sense signifies Independence Day, it provides you freedom from the pain u experience daily in your body , freedom from those negative thought process which traverses your mind in the face of Adversity , freedom from the stress which our body experiences almost every time when we go to bed , Relive those moments of pure relaxation with us

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The Times in which we live in can easily make us want to escape and shut ourselves out from the external stimulation , this is where a place like Spa can be a blessing in disguise, it gives u that much needed ‘me’ time , where u can recharge , de stress, detoxify and beautify Spa treatments and Massage therapies have those much needed physical , mental and pshychological benefits. In fact studies have shown that frequency of taking a Spa therapy directly correlates with better sleep quality , fewer sick days and fewer hospitalizations