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After a workout in the Gym the muscles get sore , taking a massage after the gym or while taking gym goes a long way in reducing this muscle soreness and getting them working at their optimum again It is highly recommended for regular gym goers to take a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage atleast once in a fortnight A good massage goes a long way in strengthening the myofibrils , breaking the adhesions between the muscle fibres and thus diffusing the muscular knots or the hypertonic muscle fibres It improves the contraction and relaxation of the muscles which in turn improves the flexibility and mobility of joints It nourishes the muscle thus helping to increase its volume and at the same time detoxifies the muscle by flushing out excess toxins or lactic acid trapped in the intramuscular space A regular oil massage also prevents gym related health mishaps like slip disc , ligament sprain , joint injury etc So do visit a spa atleast once in a fortnight if you regularly hit the gym
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